Let’s talk business

So, flush from the success of posting the first chapter in almost two years, I’ve experienced some clarity on how to move forward with my stories and Patreon.

I want to make some money from this whole thing. That’s been true since Stalker was published. I don’t want to take people’s money and run—so Patreon has been no little source of angst. Thirdly, I REALLY don’t want to keep asking people to jump from one platform to another because I saw something shiny.

There’s a couple possible scenarios here:

Stick with Patreon 

I could let Patreon charge on the months I’ve been active. The reason this doesn’t sit well with me is that “active” is kind of a subjective phrase and patrons should have the right to know how much content they’re paying for each month instead of some arbitrary word count or chapters. The other reason I don’t like Patreon is managing members. Frankly, it’s hard to keep track of and I end up looking unprofessional. AKA Patreon has turned out to be a stressful and annoying middleman.

Ebooks Only

It’s pretty obvious that monthly chapters aren’t ever going to happen. This second option means finally cutting the cord on Patreon and just publishing ebooks as I finish them.

Ebooks + Site Access

There’s a lot of WIPs on the site: Whiskey, Somnolence, etc. Realistically, there’s no guarantee they will be updated, ever. (I learned early never to make promises about fic updates, and I’ve tried to stick to that). But I know people want access to the WIPs, lol. So I could open up memberships again (probably in the $3 – $4 dollar range) that would grant a month’s access to my archive, including one shots, Stalker, and The Rusted Sword.

Going Forward.

Let’s say I go with option three. There would be some housekeeping to take care of: shutting down Patreon, updating my website, and adding some more security measures.

On that note, I’d be adding a lot of transparency about how my website functions and what security there is. I’d really need people to understand what information they’re passing to me (emails) and what goes through PayPal (which obviously has lightyears better security than I do.)

Choosing option three also circles back around to asking you guys to keep jumping platforms. It sucks. I don’t want to do it. And I understand if the whole fiasco has gotten too complicated. Patreon clearly isn’t working out. The one thing that’s kept me from deleting it already is I have a Founder’s account and don’t get charged on the new scale, lol. Not a great reason.

For now, I’m going to keep writing chapters of Guides, but also start working on cleaning up my website and adding the security info. If anyone has some thoughts or suggestions, feel free to share!


10 thoughts on “Let’s talk business”

  1. I’ll follow you to whatever platform, as long as I can keep reading your stuff! I would definitely pay for ebooks and I’d like access to WIPs, doesn’t matter if they’re never finished. That’s my two cents.

  2. Hey, I’m a fan and love #3 the most as well. I’m willing to pay.

    I have some experience with website monetization and wordpress membership, if you need some help setting it up, hit me up on twitter or email :3

  3. $3-4 monthly membership is a goddamn steal tbh

    can you team that with a general “feed the author” donation option for those of us who might be so inclined ?

  4. I just wanna read Whiskey again ^^; Even if I already read all is back then, and it’s never getting completed. I really like it :)


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