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whiskeycoverfinalOutlaw Bose Saint and cattle rancher Jessie Adam did not meet on the best of terms.

Warnings: noncon, violence

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ttbwebcoverIn the age if kings, it was not unheard of for family to marry and love within family. But this wasn't about marriage, and it definitely wasn't about love. It was about humiliation.

Warnings: incest

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onlylightcover1At the end of the world, Noah survives on his own. Then he meets Jeffrey, and suddenly he has to survive for the both of them.

Warnings: Themes of dubious consent, Non-consensual belting/spanking

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somwebcoverIan thinks it would be fun to completely control another person's life. Daniel humors him... but not for free.

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softwolfMartin, a thirty-something omega, has caused an uproar in his pack by moving away. Not only is the pack agitated by his absence, they also know something Martin doesn't: Dean, the boy he used to puppysit, the future alpha of the Redding pack, is coming home from college. And he's ready to make Martin his mate.

Warning: contains non-consensual spanking

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spacepiratesquarecolor300Jimmy Velasquez is a space pirate.

One of the best, actually--not that anyone gives him credit for it. He’s been a circuitry mechanic on the spaceship Go-Go Boots for the past few years, and he’s the only reason the damn thing’s still running. The crew doesn’t appreciate Jimmy, his proposed sequined-belt uniforms, or his beautifully designed battle-bot, Sheila. But he knows that’s just because they’re jealous.

The only other space pirate worth mentioning is Jimmy’s captain, Saul Kelly. Smart, capable, and cognizant of Jimmy’s talent, Saul is an adequate captain, and certainly far more qualified than his violent and lazy twin, Hollis.

Besides winning at battle-bots, Jimmy’s only ambition is to prove his worth in Captain Kelly’s eyes. He knows he can do it, and he won’t let anyone get in his way.

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