Week of 4/23/18

I tweeted a story idea yesterday that was born from the last few minutes of an Elementary episode, but boiled down to its essence, the idea follows the same trajectory as Ventures and Investments.

People who read one author’s books over a short period may notice similarities–strong ones or not, but visible either way. Personally, and there be some self-preservation involved in this opinion, I don’t see any problem with writing the same story over and over. If I HAD to pick the one theme I was bound to for the rest of my writing days, it would be VAI.

Trite as it may seem, I write for myself. And I love the idea of someone stripping away the ego, power, and confidence of the person they supposedly love so that the object of their desire is wholly dependent on them. Of course, I’m also a big softy, so I like a redemption of sorts as well.

Ventures and Investments was a very early-stages, clumsy attempt at writing this like of mine. It was also fun as hell.  

This idea I tweeted, it would be rife with betrayal and fury. It would be delicious.


Game I played: Peg Solitaire

Wow, I suck at this game.

I don’t play based on strategy, instead I just click around and hope for the best. It’s soothing, at least.

Book I read: None :(

Show I watched: Elementary

Still on Elementary— it’s definitely settled into itself, but a new thing I’m annoyed about is the total lack of respect for civil liberties. Like we the audience are supposed to side with Sherlock and Watson for breaking into homes and flouting that in front of judges.

Story I thought about: They Shoot Guides, Don’t They?

Not just thought about! I got 1,500 words in over the past few days. Hopefully May shapes up to be the month I get Patreon going again.

I keep finding myself aiming for those cliffhanger moments, but then questioning myself. What does it serve the story to drag something out just so I can have that Moment? It doesn’t. I do mourn the excitement that would have come with ending a chapter on my original plan, but I think the pacing would have suffered for it.

Project I worked on: Mosquito netting

The bugs are coming. My first experiment: using a bed net to block off my patio, and hang it up on Command hooks.

Interesting links

Nicole Cliffe’s twitterShe tweets a lot, and it’s good content.

Friday Roundup: 4/27/18

The week of 4/23 consisted mainly of spoiling Chata– I bought her a remote control car, and then…. another remote control car that’s arriving on Sunday and promises to be 4WD and grass-proof. Watching her run after the car, grab it by the spoiler, and bring it back to me like a fresh kill with a look of pride on her face is probably the most funny and most heartwarming Chata moment I have witnessed thus far.

I promise to get some video captured next time!

Game I played – The Room: Old Sins

For the uninitiated, The Room is a series of puzzle games in which you have to escape… the room. (Although, to be honest, only the first game follows that mission statement.)

Old Sins seems to be a “back to basics” attempt to make up for The Room 3, which involved a bunch of tedious running back and forth through hallways to do anything. I’m enjoying it a lot. There’s a creepy dollhouse, some mystical elements, puzzle-solving, and no running around!

Book I read: Educated

A woman’s memoir about growing up with an anti-government Morman family. Her father is probably bipolar or schizophrenic and her mother is an enabler. 

I actually didn’t finish this—the story was gripping, but there was a slickness to the storytelling that rubbed me the wrong way. It was almost as if an editor or some publisher wonk said, “Okay, but now add some mixed metaphors and Deep Thoughts.” If the author is a dry person, I don’t mind reading a dry memoir — it’s the clunky attempt at purple prose that made me grimace.

For a similar read that struck me the more sincere effort, I suggest The Glass Castle.

Show I watched: Elementary

Whew, just the crime-an-hour drama I needed. Unfortunately, there’s one little issue that bothers me. Many of the criminals end up being oppressed/stereotyped/underprivileged—a female professor, a Jewish nonprofit head, a woman who used porn to escape her oppressive country. I can’t say if these were done with a reproachful tone, as if condemning the people for their choices, but I CAN say that where I am, in season 2, Joan has been the only competent, non-criminal female character.

Hopefully, as the seasons go on, this will change!

Project I worked on: Quilt!

So I’m very into the shabby chic-Pinterest-milk paint look, and as an extension of that—I want to make a very floral quilt. I know nothing about quilting.

For instance, I did not know it would be very EXPENSIVE to get into quilting if I wanted to buy pretty, high-quality fabric (including pre-cut fabric). So I think the first order of business is finding a bunch of cheap old linens from thrift stores to practice on before investing my hard-earned cash on something gorgeous.

The quilt pattern I’m following is based on the quilt-as-you-go style, which is meant to ease the work it takes to actually quilt the quilt. With only a normal Brother sewing machine and absolutely no experience, I would not trust myself to get an entire twin-sized blanket past the needle without fucking things up.

Story I thought about: Inherited

For a while now, I’ve wanted to start a project that would run alongside Guides–the updates would alternate with the new project posted here, on my site. My original plan, an ABO I feel will be VERY FUCKING GOOD, struck me as something that needed to be finished entirely before I started posting it. But I came up with a satisfying Plan B.

Inherited is a soap opera-esque, highly dramatic piece of fluffy trash involving rich people, scam artists, and backstabbing. During what should have been a moment of triumph, the main character learns he’s not inheriting what he’d always expected.

Interesting links

First Look At The Studio Ghibli Theme Park’s Official Concept Art – I want to go there.

It Be Your Own People: On Universal FanCon and the Perversion of Community – Interesting dissection of the FanCon wank.

Japan’s Rent-a-Family Industry – As my writer friend, plumblossom, told me–this would make for excellent story fodder.

Plans for the weekend!

Finish that Guides chapter, for one. Also find more things to read, play, and do :)